The App

Project Design.

Bitsoko is designed around a money transfer wallet and a POS service, allowing money to be sent around the world as long as you know their Bitsoko username, phone number, or bitcoin wallet address. One advantage of the Bitsoko wallet service is that Bitsoko replaces all of your public keys and wallet identifiers with an easy-to-remember four digit numeric passcode. So once inside the app, sending money, paying for goods and access to other services are only a click away.Additionally, merchants can accept Bitcoin/Mobile Money as payment for their goods and services; all you need is a Bitsoko QR code and you can withdraw your balance at the end of the day. Users can easily find merchants on the Bitsoko directory and merchants selling goods online can have them displayed in the Bitsoko marketplace on the app.

With Bitsoko, making donations is easy, as we do not intend to levy any transaction fees.We have developed the donation section of our website where all donations sent to our partnered charities’ Bitsoko wallets can be followed on the Blockchain. This would ensure donors that the receiving parties use the funds as specified. In order to receive donations through Bitsoko we will invite trusted organizations with which we have developed relationships, and then implement a screening and application process through which additional charities can join.


To allow usability and scalability in different regions of the world, Bitsoko has full geolocation implementation inside the app so that when you are in the service section of the app it only loads those services specific to your country.



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