Bitcoin Uptake in Africa

Bitcoin uptake in Africa has been on the increase .

From south Africa to sierra leone More Africans are discovering the potential of Bitcoin, In Botswana, Kenya to Ghana.Bellow is a list of Bitcoin startup and other bitcoin related  initiatives across africa. It also includes list of where to buy Bitcoin in your Country.


Satoshi center


Satoshi center is a local initiative in Botswana by the Bitcoin Lady  Alakanan  to find out more about her initiatives .

she has been behind many other initiatives including raising BTC for African children charities Read here.  Connect with Satoshi centre on facebook





Kitiwa is a remmitance service in Ghana. to connect with Kitiwa on Facebook click here.

short kitiwa Video







BitX Bitcoin Wallet, Exchange and Merchant services. though not strictly African they are a wallet exchange with the African office based in south Africa.




Beam remit.


Beam remit by Nikunj Handa and Falk Benke is also a remmitance service in Ghana the startup has been arround for less than 1 year and have been able to achive alot with minimal Marketing read more on Beam click here






Dream Bitcoin Foundation


Dream Bitcoin Foundation. the Co-founder is Mr  philip Agyei Asare. The Dream coin Foundation creats awareness and educates college students in Ghana and the General public about Bitcoin read more here. visit their website to find out more about what they do  or follow them on facebook.  Click here






Bitsoko is the first Android wallet built for Africa By Africans  Based in Nairobi Kenya. Great user interface . Follow bitsoko on twitter or check out the website Bitsoko has Partnered with Coinapult to provide bitcoin lock services to their users, and with Kenyatta university a local University .






Bitpesa is a mobile remittance service  in Nairobi Kenya they have recently expanded to Ghana Tanzania and Uganda after landing a $ 1million funding from Pantera capital. Read more on Bitpesa



Sierra Leone Liberty Group SLLG

sllg_dvb1kb (1)SLLG Promotes prosperity in Sierra Leone through entrepreneurship, private property rights,  they have been behind the recent Bitcoin Against Ebola campaign  and many other initiatives in sierra Leone. Find out more about SLLG visit their website of follow them on Facebook 




African Umbrella Trust (AUTO)


AUTO is Entrepreneurs United for Africa using the Blockchain technology to enable them sell goods and services online. it is a Collective effort of many Bitcoin related organisations in the United States (Cointelegraph, College cryptocuttency Network, Ez coin access), UK and Across Africa(Bitsoko, Dream Bitcoin Foundation, SLLG, Satoshi centre, BitGhana, BitLeone among others) . Visit the website


The Bitcoin ecosystem is slowly taking Shape in Africa Is it time for an African Bitcion Foundation?



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