buy bitcoin, Bitsoko

Bitcoin exchange Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange Buying Bitcoin

buy bitcoin, Bitsoko
buy bitcoin, Bitsoko


Buyin Bitcoin in Africa has  always been a challenge untill late 2014 when afew bitcoin startups in Africa started selling bitcoin. Local always played a crucial role in making Bitcoin more readily Available.It is also important to note that  buying bitcoins Via Local bitcoins sometimes it is 5-25$ per bitcoin, higher than the market value Typicall of the Buyer seller agreement . So if you are to but hundreds of bitcoins without a doubt that would have an impact on mow much you can Buy.

More Bitcoin startups are selling Bitcoin to the Public as the ecosystem continues to Mature more and more people are buying the Digital Gold. In Kenya you can now buy Bitcoins using  Mpesa and have the Bitcoins sent direct to your Bitsoko wallet. Buying Bitcoins from Bitsoko is a simple process with users incurring a 3% service fee .

For more details about how to buy Bitcoin In Kenya click here


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